25-4-2016 Wish for Nepali New Year 2073

The New Nepali year of 2073 has begun. Exactly one year ago, Nepal was rocked by major earthquakes. Shiva Sapkota said, “We’re leaving the bad year of 2072 behind us. Now we can happily look forward to improvement and recovery. There haven’t been any aftershocks for awhile now.”

Help and Courage

Thanks to the support of the Diyo Nepal Foundation, help quickly came to the people in the area where Shiva and Ilse work. And despite the dramatic events of the past year, Ilse and Shiva have remained courageous and still put in as much energy as ever for their travelers.

Nepali Wish for 2073

Shiva and Ilse’s wish for 2073 is: “Help us respect the earth and respect humanity so that instead of suffering we can again share many happy experiences!”

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